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Opus119 College Conservatory of Music's commitment is to value the highest artistic creativity in music education and to prepare our students for challenges of the 21st century music career. In today’s world, becoming a successful musician requires skills beyond conventional musical study. In the music industry where a value of one’s achievement is subjective, a successful career is often attained through ceaseless discipline and humility in one’s artistry. At OCCM, students are expected to develop networking and communication skills as well as musicianship at the highest quality. We believe peer and teacher-student relationships to be the core infrastructure in music career making. Our mission as a music institution is two-fold: Through the education students receives at our institution, OCCM aims to become a positive influence in the greater community of music education as well as in the community we reside, to instill higher appreciation of performance aspect of classical music. At the same time, we strives to prepare students not only to become better musicians, but also to have them realize infinite possibilities in their future career through vast varieties of artistry they witness in the course of study with numerous successful professionals at our school. 

How do we do it?


  1. 通过与最高水平的院系进行讲座讨论形式的课程,提供实践和结构学习。

  2. 通过让学生接触到不同的职业专业人士,该机构支持学生与当今最杰出的音乐家建立专业关系,以激发他们的潜力。

  3. 为音乐学校的每个学生提供超越音乐表现的技能和知识

  4. 通过每年邀请众多访问教授,该机构为学生提供了在学习中获得多样性和频繁刺激的机会。

  5. 通过与专业人士合作进行指导。

  6. 学生与教师的比例较低。它创造了与教授直接接触的机会,让每个学生都能得到更多的个人关注。

  7. 学生扩展创造力的渐进式学习环境。

  8. 帮助学生建立职业发展道路。

  9. 强调与地方和全球社区建立联系以传播表演艺术的重要性。

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